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Any case, any subject, any cocktail.
Armed with wit, wisdom, and a dash of charm, decorated trial attorneys and legal industry experts unravel the intricacies of the legal landscape. From groundbreaking cases to captivating legal dilemmas, there’s nothing we won’t take on. Any case, any subject, any cocktail.
Where the legal world’s best and brightest shoot the breeze about law and life over copious amounts of bourbon, whiskey, and scotch. Raise your legal spirits while we raise our liquid ones. Involuntary giggling and outrageous stories? Proud repeat offenders.

Welcome to Working Class with Attorney Ryan! In this podcast Attorney Ryan Stygar (aka “The Labor Lawyer”) breaks down the most outrageous, interesting, and sometime hilarious workplace lawsuits. If you have a job, this is the podcast for you.

Attorney Ryan also regularly brings in celebrity guests, legal experts, and other interesting people to discuss our toughest problems in life and at work.

Ladies in Law is hosted by Mikaela Pflueger (Soon-to-be Dixon) & Allison Melendez. This podcast will speak on the intricacies of being female attorneys in a heavily male dominated field, make the law digestible, and teach you how to curate your network in an authentic way.

New episodes will be dropping every other week and hopefully make you feel like you’re talking to your legal besties!

Join Raymond Mieszaniec, the brains behind EvenUp, and Bob Simon, the mastermind behind Simon Law Group, Justice HQ, and Attorney Share, as they delve into the latest and greatest innovations shaping the legal world. In each episode, they shine a light on cutting-edge software, digging deep into what they can do and how they can benefit law firms and solo practitioners alike. 


24-27 October, 2024 – Rancho Bernardo Inn
This is not like any conference that you have ever attended. Bridging the gap between lawyers and doctors, we educate both with a fun and engaging experience. Learn how to effectively communicate complex injuries in simple terms, all while enjoying live music, networking, and fun for the whole family.